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To start, Promote, assist and carry on socio- economic, educational and employment programmes for the welfare and development of women, youth and children who are economically poor, Handicapped and/or suffering from unemployment and poverty.
To start, maintain, promote or sponsor training centres for human resource development, leadership skills and to provide training in skills and trades for employment purposes, sustainable agricultural practices.
To start, undertaken sponsor or promote cottage industries, group enterprises, production centres, poultry, diary, agricultural farms, horti-floriculture, Industrial units, co-operatives and such other.
To encourage, start, women's, youth, Children's clubs for recreational programmes like Sports, Music, Dance, Cultural Programmes as well as Rural Developmental Programmes.
To undertake, initiate, promote, self help groups, credit unions savings schemes, mutual funds etc. for the benefit of the target groups.
To concentize, educate, render help, assistance in any form and /or to implement any scheme for the welfare of the community in terms of health, water and sanitation programmes, projects including programmes on eradication and prevention of AIDS etc.
To promote, involve in National and International integration programmes by promoting inter-religious, inter-cultural programmes ecological, linguistic programmes etc.
To provide computer education to all sections of people for nominal fee and for handicapped without any fee.
To give, provide and/or render help and assistance in any form for the relief of persons and animals affected by natural calamities or by poverty, sickness etc.
To establish, promote, aid, implement documentation and dissimination of vital information and also to publish books, pamphlets, periodicals, news papers, magazines etc for the advancement of education socio-economic, ecological and cultural aspects.
To grant, pay or give scholarships, stipends, prizes, rewards, awards, allowances and /or any kind of assistance to students, scholars, researchers with the view to help them in persuing their studies in any form of academic persuit or research.
To establish, promote, set-up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or aid or help in setting up schools, colleges, lecture halls, research centres, libraries and other establishments or institutions for the advancement of education and knowledge in arts, sciences, humanities and all other useful subjects in all their manifestations.
To start, maintain, promote and/ or aid old age homes, homes for handicapped, mentally retarded persons, street children etc.
To start production cum training courses for various technology for women with an aim of getting job opportunities in the trades of electronics Televisions, Cable, Typewriting, Phone Operating, Tailoring, Electronic Embroidery, Painting, Plastic and Fibre works.
To improve the economic moral and social standards or villagers in the area of operations of the society.
To alleviate poverty and bring about better living conditions mutual co-operation and unity among the villagers and in general Rural Development by implementation KVI programmes.
To start, encourage, assist and carry on such other activities which are incidental for implementation of KVI programmes.
For furtherance of all or any of the aforesaid objects, the Society shall have authority.
To solicit obtain or accept subscription, Donation, Grants, Gifts requests and trusts from any person, firms, Bank or Local Authorities or corporate bodies like Khadi and Village Industries Commission and /or state KVI Board and/or any Institutions and/or the Union/State Government.
To acquire by gift, purchases, exchanges lease on hire on otherwise how-server any land, buildings essements and any property movable and /or immovable and for any estate or interest for the furtherance of all or any of the objects of society.
To build construct and maintain houses, structures or buildings and alter extend improve, repair enlarge or modify the same including any existing buildings (and to provide and equip the same with light, water, Drainage, Furniture, Fittings, Instruments, Apparatus and appliances) and all other necessities for the use to which such buildings is to be put up or held.
To sell, Manage, Transfer, Exchange, Mortage, Demise, lease or let out dispose of or otherwise deal with the properties whatever (Movable or Immovable) belonging to the society.
To borrow and raise money with or without security or mortage, charge, Hypothecation, or pledge over all or any of the immovable or movable properties belonging to the society or in any other manner whatsoever.
To open and operate accounts in Bank or to deal with Banks in any manner whatsoever, for furtherance of objects of the society and also on the basis of interest subsidy eligibility certificate issued by the KVIC and mortage/hypothicate the property as security to the Bank.
To open and conduct branches and to undertake such other activities for furtherance of all or any of the objects of the society.
To do all other lawful things incidental or conductive to the of the society and to incur necessary expenditure their on.
The profits of the institution shall be utilised in furtherance of the objects of the institution and shall not be distributed amongst the members.
The management of the affairs of the institution shall be entrusted to the duly constituted managing committee as provided in the rules and regulations of the institution from time to time.
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